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Air Tumble Track

This inflatable Air Tumble Track mat is amazing because it is of the highest possible quality. It is incredibly reliable and comfortable. It can never let you down. The Air  Tumble Track Inflatable Mat can allow you to bounce on it as you would on a trampoline. This means you can jump up and down as high as you want and safely and practically practice your routine or perfect your skills. It also allows for a soft, comfortable landing so that if you come tumbling or crashing down on it, you will land in a relatively safe situation and avoid injury—unless you land on your head. It is wide enough to allow you to do multiple moves and combine them together as though you were on a nice bare floor. Also, the Air Track Inflatable Mat gives you the option to set its internal pressure to hard (as a rock) or soft (like a cloud) and anything in between. This means you will have the freedom to use it for just about anything; even sitting on it to relax after a workout. One advantage of this inflatable mat is that it is very easily rolled up and packed, which makes it easy to transport.

air tumble track

The mat is also very light and easy to unpack and set up. It comes with a blower (which is also very light). You can customize the pressure as you see fit within a matter of seconds. It does not require continuous inflation, which saves energy and does not pollute the air with noise. These are just some of the many advantages of the Air Track Inflatable Mat.

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