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Airtrack -an inflatable gymnast mat used

Airtrack is an inflatable gymnast mat used by professionals and amateurs alike. The mat is made of high-quality durable rubber that will withstand heavy use without wearing away. Airtrack can be inflated in a matter of seconds, making it a highly portable solution for those with multi-functional spaces. Simply deflate the air track as needed, and store it away for later use, or add blocks quickly and easily as you progress your training.

With air track, you can customize the hardness of your mat, softening and supporting young athletes in training, or increasing the pressure to create firm, hard surfaces. Choose the size of air track mat that suits your space best, or combine blocks to vary your gymnastics.

Increase the height of your jumps with a subtle bounce provided by cushioned air. Air track mats absorb hard falls and decrease loud noises caused by jumping to hard. Find your new favorite gymnastics training tool with Airtrack

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