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tumble track

Tumble Track also named Air Track Inflatable Mats are your absolute best friend when you are looking to train and build yourself and increase your skills. Nothing provides safety and protection as well as comfort like the Air Track Inflatable Mat does. This mat is perfect for you and you should definitely invest in one as soon as possible.

It is quiet

There is no that destructive and obnoxious noises during training since once the air-tract is inflated that is enough until training is over. This gives you a piece of mind and a chance to closely concentrate on your techniques.

  1. It is bouncy.

The air inside is soft and bouncy enough to give you a higher jump. In this case if gives you an air-time to perform that twist or turns in the air before landing.

  1. Pocket friendly prices.

The air-track factory has produced many different types of these mats. This goes for different prizes between 1000-5000 dollars, not a very bad range in accordance to the quality you get. It is also custom made. You could order one making specifications on the height and width of the mat. Also comes with varied colors to match your interest.

Tumble Track are therefore the ideal gear to go for when setting up a gym or when replacing an old equipment. Getting one for your home practice is also convenient since it can fit on any floor and does not occupy much space. For that healthy body, interesting air stunts and vigorous gym sessions air-track mat is the gear to go for.

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